Packaging materials made on demand, light and portable

An Introduction to AirBox…

Our portable lightweight reliable Airbox machine dispenses air cushion packaging. Using 99% fresh air helps companies to reduce costs and improve their environmental performance. Our sustainable air cushion packaging, with its extremely user-friendly controls can cope with demanding industrial warehouse applications. Hopper sensors and dispenser baskets allow for a fully automated air cushion production.

Invest in an AirBox machine and your packaging materials can be made on demand when you need them. The Airbox machine is a compact table top machine which is designed with the latest technology for simple and efficient use. Complete with an electronic timer you have the ability to set runs and adjust air and heat. The machine can be upgraded to a foot switch and conveyor system for a fully automated multi-user system.

High speed inflation up to 15 meters /min:
Runs Pillows + Tubes + Quilt:
Compact and ideal for small spaces:
Customisable air fill levels to suit needs :
Quick and easy film loading system :
Ultra quiet whilst running :
Easy to use operator menu :
User-friendly controls

Easy to use, intuitive controls


AirBox is light and portable


Dispenses air cushion packaging at the push of a button

Ready to use

Ready to use straight out of the box

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