Biodegradable Loosefill

BigBio Replaces Polystyrene Loose Fill

We manufactured BigBio biodegradable loose fill to be an exceptional eco-friendly void fill solution. Made entirely from starch material, it contributes to the goal of removing all plastics and polystyrene in your packaging process. Contrary to polystyrene loose fill, BigBio is water-soluble and also 100% home and garden compostable.

With BigBio, we want you to have the possibility to remove all plastics from your lines and enable you to make a positive impact on the earth while providing the best packaging experience for your customers.

The Density that Counts

Because it’s made from starch material, BigBio has a very low density. So it will participate in reducing your transportation costs. However, low density doesn’t mean bad protection. Due to their tried and tested product shape, the organic packaging peanuts create a cushion that blocks, stabilises and prevents the goods from migrating in transit.

Easy Process for Your Employees

Besides, having a lighter solution will also reduce your employees’ fatigue and effort.

They simply fill the carton in a short period of time. And because it doesn’t require any particular technique, the packaging is extremely fast to use. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible to increase the output of your production lines.

The Unboxing Experience

Nowadays, it’s proven that people are more willing to buy from companies who care about the environment. So using eco-friendly materials can improve your marketing as well. Other than reducing your transportation costs, and your production time, It will also create the perfect unboxing experience and entice your brand image.

If you’re ready to change to a 100% biodegradable loose fill solution and improve the unboxing experience for your customers, then click here.

Piece Size: 45mm long x 17mm diameter
Pieces Per Box: 18,667 approx
Box Size: 100 x 60 x 50cm
Packing Volume: 15 ft³ unsettled
Weight: 4kg
Straight Forward

Quick and easy to dispenser when used with a hopper system


BigBio are static-free, non-polluting, reusable and compostable

Cost Saving

Due to their strong lightweight structure you can save on your transport costs.

Compact Size

Peanut sized at approximately 45mm x 17mm

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