The UK’s most eco-friendly packaging solution

An Introduction to EcoNutz…

EcoNutz are unique to the UK and act as an alternative eco-friendly packaging solution to block moulded foamed plastics and polystyrene chips or peanuts. Their interlocking design not only minimises shock absorption, vibration and the migration of goods in the box, but they also contribute to protecting and sustaining our environment.

Their twisted shape makes them one of the most versatile green solutions for in-box packaging for products of all shapes and sizes. Our eco-friendly packaging provides superior protection by interlocking during transit and cushion the enclosed products. Our EcoNutz are an excellent solution for industrial and retail products, house moving and general use.

What am I saving?

By using EcoNutz you are choosing to protect our environment. Being recyclable, reusable, biodegradable, compostable and sustainable paper will always be more environmentally responsible than polystyrene or petro-chemical foamed plastic. In addition to this, should there be a fire, foamed plastics will emit toxic chemicals when they burn, whereas, EcoNutz will not. When you replace your foamed plastic and polystyrene chips with our eco-friendly packaging, you will be helping to preserve our beautiful planet.

Nut Size: 100mm long x 30mm diameter
Nuts Per Box: 3145 approx
Box Size: 100 x 60 x 50cm
Packing Volume: 15 ft³
Weight: 9kg
On Demand

The unique EcoNutz machine can be used for on-site, on demand use


EcoNutz are static-free, non-polluting, reusable and compostable

Cost Saving

Benefit from less packaging waste tax (Producer responsibility obligations 1997)

Compact Size

Conveniently sized at approximately 30mm x 100mm

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