A World First In Paper Loose Fill

EcoNutz – The Packaging Solution We Can Actually Live With…

EcoNutz is our signature packaging solution. We have been developing EcoNutz for over 10 years, we finally created a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for you. The goal with EcoNutz is to replace every polystyrene and plastic loose-fill and to give you the perfect choice according to the goods you want to protect.

Made out of recycled paper, EcoNutz are versatile and reusable as many times as you want. It’s finally a proper way to protect your product and having a substantial impact on the earth as well.

It’s all in the Fibres

The paper we use to create EcoNutz are carefully selected for you to make the best protection needed. We have an EcoNutz designed for each product (See more information on each of them below).

For each EcoNutz, we choose a paper with the proper lengths of fibre. This is what gives you the best protection without overweight your package. From electronic products to heavy machinery objects, you’ll find the matching EcoNutz. Besides, you will also reduce and eliminate costly plastic waste disposal.

When surrounding your product, EcoNutz expand and interlock. This creates a barrier around your goods and provides excellent shock absorption during transport. The protection provided will ensure your product arrives safely to your customers and will significantly reduce your costs for damaged products.

Your Brand In A Box

Besides giving you the best protection you need for your goods, your customers will be thrilled to see you use eco-friendly solutions. And you can also reinforce your branding by using coloured EcoNutz. There’s no such thing as overexposure, and having your brand colour in your client’s mind is always a bonus.

Imagine how pleased they will be when they see the details you attach to your protection and the unboxing experience you give them. Please get in touch to discuss options.

Nut Size: 100mm long x 30mm diameter
Nuts Per Box: 3145 approx
Box Size: 100 x 60 x 50cm
Packing Volume: 15 ft³
Weight: 9kg
On Demand

The unique EcoNutz machine can be used for on-site, on demand use


EcoNutz are static-free, non-polluting, reusable and compostable

Cost Saving

Benefit from less packaging waste tax (Producer responsibility obligations 1997)

Compact Size

Conveniently sized at approximately 30mm x 100mm

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