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NestPack​ – The Packaging Solution Inspired By Nature

NestPack is our packaging solution inspired by nature. Developed for over 10 years, we created the perfect eco-friendly void filling solution for you. The goal of NestPack is to create a nest around your goods and prevent them from migrating during transport.

Made entirely from recycled paper, NestPack is 100% recyclable and compostable. Besides giving you a proper solution for void filling, It will protect the earth as well.

The Volume You Need

This packaging solution is designed for you to void fill any light and medium weight product already protected. Because of the type of paper used to create it, NestPack is efficient for top, bottom and side fill. It’s composed of 5 semi-joined versatile paper strips. When put in a box, it will create a high volume of paper, as a nest would do. By using flat paper, you’ll need a handful of it to obtain the same volume.

Easy To Protect

We created NestPack for you to gain in productivity and don’t lose time in packaging. So combined with the NestPack Dispenser, your packages will be done in a short period of time. With the cutter on its side, there is no easier way for you to create the package you need.

Roll Size: 350mm x 240M
Roll Weight: 6.6kg
Surface: Smooth
Type: x5 strips semi-joined
Packing Volume: 24 ft3

100% recycled material


Perfect packaging every time


Top, bottom and side fill


Simple dispenser

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