Our most cost-effective packaging solution

An Introduction to NestPack

Nest Pack is our most cost-effective packaging solution. Inspired by nature, Nest Pack paper rolls are the perfect top and bottom fill for any package. Using our efficient easy to use ring dispenser, Nest Pack pulls easily off the roll and bulks up like spaghetti to form a clean dust free nest-like protective pack.

What am I saving?

With its ‘spaghetti-like’ expanding strips Nest Pack guarantees a cost-effective packing solution by producing more packing volume than basic flat paper, one roll will produce the same as two bags of polystyrene chips for HALF the average price.

Roll Size: 350mm x 240M
Roll Weight: 6.6kg
Surface: Smooth
Type: x5 strips semi-joined
Packing Volume: 24 ft3

100% recycled material


Perfect packaging every time


Top, bottom and side fill


Simple dispenser

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