EcoNutz 15 ft³ - Mixed
EcoNutz 15 ft³ - Mixed
EcoNutz 15 ft³ - Mixed
EcoNutz 15 ft³ - Mixed

EcoNutz 15 ft³ – Mixed

SKU: 00009

During the creation process of our EcoNutz, some are falling on the ground. And because we are against wasting any product, we collect them. Every EcoNutz collected are put together in boxes for you.

So if you’re happy about using EcoNutz Soft and Medium together, then this mixed package is made for you. In it, you’ll have both of them in a random proportion. And because of that, we are offering you a preferred rate for the box.

However, those boxes are only made to not waste any nutz. It’s not something we produce. So if you want to get your hands on the mixed box, then choose how many you need here.



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Why Is The Price Lower Than Others?

The price is very interesting because it’s a mix of EcoNutz Soft and Medium. This is meant to not waste anything, especially those which fall on the ground during production. You’ll receive a random mix of Soft and Medium nutz, so we are willing to give you this price.


Nut Size MIX: 60mm x 30mm to 100mm x 35mm approx
Nut Type: Hard and Soft
Nuts Per Box: 2675 approx
Weight: 10 kg approx
Box Size: 1000 x 600 x 500mm
Packing Volume: 15 ft³

Please re-use our boxes.