Sustainable alternative to bubble wrap

An Introduction to PuffPack

Puff Pack is an ideal void fill solution, made from strong, flexible 100% recycled paper. This reusable packaging material is a great sustainable alternative to bubble wrap and is ideal for surface protection, irregular shaped items and where customers use multi size boxes.

What am I saving?

The dimpled surface of Puff Pack gives 50% more packing volume than basic flat or smooth paper. When Puff Pack is drawn through our unique ring Dispenser, it is ‘crumpled’ in such a way that it ‘puffs’ up, giving you maximum packing volume. Its reusable packaging makes the Puff Pack 100% environmentally friendly and makes it a great alternative to bubble wrap.

Roll Size: 350mm x 75M
Roll Weight: 2kg
Surface: Dimpled
Packing Volume: 10ft3
Quantities: 1, 10's, 50, 100
Convenient to Use

Coreless rolls and perforations 
for easy tearing

Custom Applications

Suitable for a variety of
 different users

Eco Friendly

Made from 100% recycled

Specially Engineered

50% better yield than flat
 or smooth paper

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