Sustainable alternative to bubble wrap

PuffPack​ – The New Eco-Friendly Replacement For Bubble Wrap

PuffPack is designed to be used the same as a bubble wrap. With a highly flexible 100% recycled paper, we managed to create a solution that is eco-friendly, and efficient for your goods.

The goal with PuffPack is for you to have an alternative to bubble wrap, which pollutes and harms our planet. Therefore, all of our rolls are 100% recyclable and compostable as well. Built without any core, PuffPack will move you towards zero waste and eliminate costly plastic waste disposal.

The Way To Protect

The PuffPack Rolls are perfect to use for irregularly shaped objects and will protect them from shocks. We carefully select a paper specially engineered to make the rolls. This is how we obtain 50% better yield than a flat paper. Because of that increased yield, you’ll need less volume of paper to protect your goods. Hence, you’ll also reduce your shipping costs.

Roll Size: 350mm x 75M
Roll Weight: 2kg
Surface: Dimpled
Packing Volume: 10ft3
Quantities: 1, 10's, 50, 100
Convenient to Use

Coreless rolls and perforations 
for easy tearing

Custom Applications

Suitable for a variety of
 different users

Eco Friendly

Made from 100% recycled

Specially Engineered

50% better yield than flat
 or smooth paper

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